Manage and Return E-Books in SimplyE

E-Books that you checked out will be listed under the My Books tab. Books you have already downloaded will have a Read or Return button. If you borrowed the e-book from another device or checked the book out from another application or from the web, it should be in your My Books tab. If not, sync your device bookshelf.

To Sync Bookshelf  drag the list downwards. Then tap the Download button.

In the event of connectivity problems, books may fail to download. Try downloading again when you have a strong connection. If you borrowed a book on another device, and it is not in your My Books tab, follow the instructions above to Sync your Bookshelf.

Be aware that e-books downloaded outside of SimplyE (to a computer or different reading app) might not be available to download in SimplyE.

How to Return E-Books

All digital titles are automatically returned to your library at the end of the lending period, so you never have to worry about late fees. If you'd like to return a title early, click on the title or cover of the book to open up the description and select Return

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