Open and Read E-Books in SimplyE in Android

To get started

To open a book you have borrowed or downloaded, tap My Books tab at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the Read button next to the title you wish to read to open the book.

  • Navigating a book
  • Adjusting Fonts, contrast, text size and brightness


Navigating a book

Turning Pages

To turn pages, tap on the right or left edges of the screen to advance forward or backward.


Swipe left or right to advance the page forward or backward.

Using the Table of Contents

To use the table of contents to navigate to specific section of the book, simply tap on the screen to bring up the menu bar. 

  • Tap the TOC icon on the far top right.  Scroll the list of TOC sections in the book.
  • Tap on the section you wish to open.

Using Bookmarks

In SimplyE you can place bookmarks to save the locations throughout the book while you have it on loan.  Your last reading position will automatically be saved and synced across your devices, as well as bookmarks you placed yourself.  

  • Tap the bookmark icon at the top left of the screen on the menu bar to toggle a bookmark on.
  • Tap the TOC icon to open the TOC. 
  • Tap the Bookmarks button to open a list of bookmarks you have placed. 
  • Tap the desired bookmark to navigate to the section.

Using Last Read Position

When you open a book on a device different from the device one you last read on, you will be prompted when opening the book whether or not you wish to continue from where you left off on the previous device.  Simply tap the appropriate choice. 

NOTE: The last read position will ONLY be stored online if the device you last read on had connectivity when you stopped reading and the new device you are reading on has internet connectivity.


Adjusting Fonts, Contrast, Text Size, and Brightness

  • Tap the center or bottom of the screen to bring up the Navigation Bar.
  • Tap the Aa (Reader Settings) button (second from the right of the top bar menu).

Adjust the font type by tapping one of three available settings: Serif, Sans Serif, Open Dyslexic. Tap the screen outside the control to close the control.

Adjust the contrast by tapping on one of the three available combinations: White text on Black background, Black text on Sepia background, Black text on White background. Tap the screen outside the control to close the control.

Adjust the text size by tapping the large A to make the text bigger, or the smaller A to make the font smaller. Tap the screen outside the control to close the control.

Adjust the brightness by dragging the slide control to adjust brightness to your preferred setting. Tap the screen outside the control to close the control.

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