Edit Book Bibliographic Information

You can edit the metadata for book in your catalog through the Circulation Manager Admin Interface.  

You can edit the following:

  • Book Title
  • Book Subtitle
  • Author and Contributor
  • Series
  • Medium
  • Language
  • Publisher
  • Imprint
  • Publication date
  • Quality rating (1-5, 5 being best)
  • Description


  • Log into the Circulation Manager
  • Click on the Catalog link on the menu bar
  • Search for the title of the book
  • Click on the book cover to open the book detail view
  • Click on the Edit tab
  • Edit the fields on the form as needed and click Submit at the bottom of the form

Note: For the Description, you can use simple HTML mark-up to control the display of the description.

  • use <p> to denote the beginning and end of a paragraph
  • use <br> to denote a line break
  • use bold <b>  to format the word or words to be displayed in bold
  • use <i> italics to format the word or words to be displayed in italics




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