Can't download an E-Book on Android


  1. Simple procedures to clear the issue
  2. Last resort procedure: clear and reset the Android app data

Note: Should resolve most patron’s book problems as a last resort.  The goal is to reduce need need to “uninstall or delete app from phone” which can cause problems with previously downloaded books.


When would I need this? 

User cannot download an eBook, after trying all the other solutions below. The problem will look something like this:



Simple procedures to clear the issue:

FIRST: Try the following solutions first:

  • Verify internet connection: Open Chrome on the phone and try a webpage.
  • Try to check out a brand new book from the Catalog.
  • If the PIN or Password changed recently, try signing out and back in first.
  • Confirm the latest version of SimplyE from the Google Play Store is installed.
    To confirm:
    • go to top left corner “Menu”
    • Tap Settings and check version to verify.


Last resort procedure: clear and reset the Android app data

NOTE: The following does not apply for the Apple iOS version of SimplyE.


  1. On the Android phone, go to the General Settings
  2. Go to “App Settings”
  3. Find and choose SimplyE. From there, select “Storage”:
  4. Do the following in the exact order below
    First: Tap “Clear Cache”
    Second: Tap “Clear Storage” / “Clear Data”
  5. Re-launch the app, sign in one more time and try to select a title again.

NOTE: Take notice of any change in the error message if it persists. Escalate if needed. (Thank you).

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