Play and navigate audiobooks in SimplyE Android

To get started

To open an audiobook you have borrowed or downloaded, open the menu and tap My Books, select the title you have borrowed, and tap the Listen button next to the title you wish to hear to open the book.


Play, pause, skip or fast forward & rewind a track

Play and Pause

To play and audiobook simply open the audiobook or tap the play arrow.  To pause the track, simply tap the Pause Button.

Advance forward

To advance forward in the current track, tap on the right or left arrows to advance forward or backward 15 seconds.

An alternate method is to adjust the audio scrubber control above the title cover either left or right to the desired time on on the current tracks playback.

Using the table of contents

To use the table of contents to navigate to specific track of the book,

Tap the TOC icon on the far top right.  Scroll the list of TOC sections in the book. Tap on the section you wish to open.


Adjusting playback speed, sleep timer and volume

Adjusting playback speed

To adjust playback speed, tap the playback speed button.  Select the desired speed.

Set sleep timer

To have the playback stop after a specified time you can set the sleep timer.  To do so, tap the sleep timer button.  Select the time you would like the playback to stop.

Adjust Volume

To adjust volume simply use your device's volume controls.


Helpful Videos


Video 1

A click through demonstration of playing audiobooks in SimplyE Android.


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