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In order to easily track and report on book usage statistics as described in the SimplyE Circulation Analytics page, you can configure your SimplyE Circulation Manager to connect to your Google Analytics instance. Currently, Google Analytics is the only analytics engine supported for this function.

There are two components required to use Google Analytics to capture usage from your SimplyE service:

  • create a property in your Google Analytics account to accommodate elements of ILS usage as registered by the Circulation Manager
  • add your Google Analytics account tracking ID to an integration record for your library in the Circulation Manager Admin interface

Create a Property for SimplyE in your Google Analytics account

 Creating the correct property on Google Analytics requires you to:

  1. Click the gear icon/the "Admin" menu item on the bottom left
  2. Click the blue "Create Property" button in the top of the middle column
  3. Choose "Web" at the top of the screen, not Apps or Apps + Web
  4. Scroll down and click "Continue"
  5. For "Website Name" type "SimplyE" or a variant that will indicate to your team the data you'll be collecting
  6. For "Website URL" it should be the URL of your circulation manager, which you can get from your hosting provider
  7. Click "Create"
  8. Click on back arrow next to Property Settings (closes that area)
  9. In the right column (View), click on View Settings
  10. Scroll down until you see a check box under "Bot Filtering". 
    Uncheck this (Google sets it by default to checked, but it can filter events from your circ manager)then click "Save"

The next page should show the Tracking ID in large font. It should start with UA- , not G or any other letter. Select that Tracking ID and either send it to your hosting provider or follow the instructions below to add it to the Circulation Manager.

You can ignore the Global Site Tag content; we don't tag anything in order to preserve patron privacy.

Add the Google Analytics Tracking ID to your Circulation Manager

Contact LYRASIS with your Google Analytics ID in order to integrate SimplyE with your Google account.

Configure Google Analytics Dimensions for SimplyE

To capture dimension data from the SimplyE Circulation Manager in your Google Analytics account, you must set up a property in Google Analytics for the SimplyE Circulation Manager.

Reminder: we do not use Google tags to track any elements in the mobile app itself; everything is captured by the Circulation Manager and exported.


In some instances, adding Dimensions incorrectly will require you to start from scratch. Please read all the instructions first and add the Dimensions carefully, in exactly the order listed.

In your Google Analytics account, on the administration page (the gear icon in the lower left corner) for the property (middle column), go to:

  • Custom Definitions
      Custom Dimensions

Add the following dimensions, in this order:

  1. time
  2. identifier
  3. identifier_type
  4. title
  5. author
  6. fiction
  7. audience
  8. target_age
  9. publisher
  10. language
  11. genre
  12. open_access
  13. distributor
  14. medium
  15. library

Each dimension should have the scope set to Hit and the Active box checked.

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