View and Resolve books that have a reported problem or complaint

Users can report an e-book to have a problem by tapping  in the app interface on the Book Detail View, Report a Problem.

Steps to see books with complaints

  • Log into Circulation Manager Admin interface
  • Click on the menu bar item Complaints
  • Click on the cover of the book that has a complaint to open its detail view
  • Click on the Complaints tab
  • Click on resolve after correcting the issue

Types of Complaints

  • Can not issue loan
  • Can not render (book does not show text or will not open)
  • Wrong Title
  • Wrong Author
  • Wrong Audience
  • Can not Fulfill loan
  • Bad description
  • Can not return
  • Bad Cover Image
  • Wrong medium (PDF vs EPUB)
  • Wrong Age Range
  • Wrong Genre
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