SimplyE Circulation Analytics

SimplyE Analytics are provided through an integration between the SimplyE circulation manager and Google AnalyticsTM. We do not track events within the mobile app, and all events are event based versus client based so that no particular user can be identified. All events are anonymously generated by the transactions of signing in, placing holds, and borrowing a book. Therefore events fall into 3 basic categories:

  1. Events from SimplyE circulation Manager
  2. Events from the ebook Distributor
  3. Events from the mobile clients

All events can be viewed from an assortment of Dimensions such as Title, Author, Audience, Genre, etc.

Definition of metrics:

Events that happen through the SimplyE circulation manager.

  • circulation_manager_check_out – A patron checked out a book through SimplyE
  • circulation_manager_check_in – A patron returned a book through SimplyE
  • circulation_manager_hold_place – A patron placed a hold through SimplyE
  • circulation_manager_hold_release – A patron cancelled a hold through SimplyE
  • circulation_manager_fulfill – A patron downloaded a book through SimplyE. The patron might download the same book multiple times if using multiple devices or logging in and out, and each of these downloads will be tracked as a separate event. This event includes downloads of public domain books.
  • circulation_manager_new_patron – A patron logged in to SimplyE for the first time.

Events that SimplyE hears about from a distributor like Overdrive. This includes events from SimplyE, as well as the distributors' apps. There's a slight delay before we hear about the events. This means events for non-open access books that happen through SimplyE show up twice, once as a circulation_manager event and once as a distributor event.

  • distributor_check_out – A patron checked out a book through any app
  • distributor_check_in – A patron returned a book through any app
  • distributor_hold_place – A patron placed a hold through any app
  • distributor_hold_release – A patron released a hold through any app
  • distributor_license_add – The library added an additional license for a book
  • distributor_license_remove – The library removed a license for a book
  • distributor_availability_notify – A patron had a hold on this book and it became available for checkout
  • distributor_title_add – The library added a new title to the collection
  • distributor_title_remove – The library removed a title from the collection

Events that we hear about from the SimplyE app.

  • open_book – A patron opened a book in the SimplyE app

Dimensions that are included in each event:

  • audience – whether the book is classified as Adult, Young Adult, Children, or Adults Only
  • fiction – fiction or nonfiction status of the book
  • genre – The "top genre" for the book in the event - the genre with the highest weight in our database.
  • identifier – The identifier (eg. Overdrive ID or ISBN) that SimplyE uses to refer to the book. Could be used for filtering to a specific book.
  • identifier_type – The type of identifier that SimplyE uses to refer to the book (eg. Overdrive ID or ISBN). Could be used to filter by distributor.
  • language – language of the book
  • publisher – publisher of the book
  • target_age – target age range of the book
  • time – time that the event occurred. May be inaccurate for distributor events.
  • title – title of the book

Things you can do with Google Analytics

  • Set email reports – Demo / Quickstart
  • Set up Dashboards – Demo / Quickstart
  • Set up a custom report – Demo / Quickstart

Nice to Have

Video to train users how to use Circulation Analytics for different use cases.

New and requested analytics

Patron Identifier based events – This is wanted in order to measure on an event basis the type of activity individual users demonstrate so the library can better understand users needs for e vs physical media or other media types. This would mean counting event types by Patron ID but not the specific dimensions that could point to a specific reading history on a title basis. This data may need to go into a separate Analytics account or system given the individualized nature of the data capture.
Medium dimension – To filter events to a specific medium like epub or audiobook.

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