Batch Ingest into Islandora

There are several options for batch ingest (bulk upload) of items into your LYRASIS-hosted Islandora instance.

The first set of options is to use the Islandora Importer module available via the web interface when you log in as an administrator. Our Islandora User Manual describes how to use it (and some of its various content type implementations) in detail in the chapter "Zip File Importer and Book Batch importer". Note that, depending on the type of content supported by the collection you want to import into, you may also have access to the "Binary Zip Importer," which works similarly.More generally, the Islandora wiki also has a good article on the topic. If you need help with this process, feel free to open a support ticket in zendesk.

For more complicated jobs, our data migration specialists can assist you for an additional fee. For a quote or more information, open a support ticket.

Also worth mentioning are two other tools you may have heard about. There is a third-party module that can be used to enable a REST API. While the aforementioned options are probably worth considering first (since they are safer and easier), if you have a need for it, open a zendesk ticket & we can discuss it. Finally, Islandora does have a command-line Islandora Batch module. Unfortunately, as it requires direct access to the server, we do not offer it as part of our hosting service.

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